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 Kendall Burns has a variety of artwork consisting of still life, waves, abstracts and custom work pulling from her style.  Having a minimalistic approach, she uses a white background to emphasize clarity, focus and brightness. Sometimes she finds herself doing the same with a black background to play with the same idea. She uses the roles of texture, detail lighting, shadows, movement and specific placement to enhance her ideas in her work. Every piece ends up coming to life with its own personality from the way she uses her brush and pallet knife. Her tools allow her to be as intimate and slow to quicker with expressive movement. Kendall's work brightens a room and creates conversation. Each piece to the artist is very personal and one of a kind.

Kendall Burns was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA and is currently based in Norfolk Virginia specializing in oil mediums. Kendall earned her BFA in Painting from George Mason University with a minor in Arts Management. Burns does her personal work but also works with clients and designers on custom pieces for homes and a certain spaces. Locally she has hung in galleries, hotels, shops and restaurants.

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